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Preparing artisan paellas.

  • Discover the finest flavors of Spanish cuisine in Georgia, Marietta, available for home delivery. We are bilingual and fluent in both Spanish and English, allowing us to provide exceptional customer service in both languages. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of our delightful dishes and indulge in a unique culinary experience. Our expert chefs bring the essence of Spain to your table, using only the freshest ingredients to create culinary excellence. Whether it’s a special event or a casual gathering, our paella showcase is the perfect addition to any occasion. Elevate your taste buds with our meticulously crafted traditional Spanish paellas, designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Contact us now to experience the true taste of Spain, delivered right to your doorstep. We are delighted to assist you in both Spanish and English!


delicious menu


Our most requested paella, and the one recommended by the Chef, has pork ribs, chicken, squid, shrimp, mussels, in the best style of freimer paellas, surprise yourself with this magnificent paella.
(All our products are 600g)


Seafood Paella

Special seafood paella, with squid, shrimp, prawns, mussels, clams, to feel the taste of the sea in its maximum splendor and to enjoy with your family.
(All our products are 600g)


Meat Paella

Delicious and spectacular paella with exclusive meats, containing pork ribs, chicken and chorizo.

(All our products are 600g)


drinks & Beverages

Choice of Mocktail


Bluberry / Mojito / Margarita / Bloody Merry.

Fruit Shakes


Apple / Mango / Watermelon / Banana / Strawberry.

Vibrant Blast with alcohol


A crisp salad featuring peanut and fresh ugli fruit.



Apple / Mango / Watermelon / Banana / Strawberry.

cakes & desserts

Pecan And Blueberry Pie


A crisp salad featuring peanut and fresh ugli fruit.

Cakes / Pastries


Apple / Mango / Watermelon / Banana / Strawberry.

Monkfish And Prune Pie


A crisp salad featuring peanut and fresh ugli fruit.

Creams (Scoop)


Apple / Mango / Watermelon / Banana / Strawberry.


Book our services and indulge in our delicious paellas at your celebrations or gatherings. Let us accompany you and delight your guests with our exquisite creations.